About Us

Zhongshan Jinxiang Electronics Co., Ltd is founded in 2005,we are manufacturer for various kind of Cables, such as  High-end HDMI, DVI & VGA Cables, Display Port Cables, Audio/Video Cables, USB& Computer Cables etc. In 2008 year, we created our brand "JASUN" in domestic market. We have a batch of senior technological scientific research personnel, offer the high quality for the whole world and transmits the system. we are  HDMI certificate manufacturer, all our HDMI cables can support 1080P and meet 1.4v standard, and all our cables meet ROHS standard, and we also have the CE, FCC, UL ... certificate.


Company Strategy:


Offer Good Products Quality

                                     ------reliable and high quality products


Assure Good Customer Ralationship

                                     ------ Working in partnership for a win-win situation


Best Customer Satifaction

                                    ------we strive to exceed customer's expections


Focus On Customer Communication

                                   ------we work as a team and communication is a key



Bussiness Principle:

Supply the most competitive products and dependable services



Welcome OEM & ODM order.