Model No. JA0623 High-end Home Cinema Cables
Category: HDMI  Publish Time: 2014-10-28 10:24 

Model No. JA0623 High-end Home Cinema Cables
●Product parameters
●Model: JA6023
●Specification: the latest version 2.0 HDMI 19 p A/M ¡ ª A/M
●Length: 1.5/2/3/5/7/8/10/12/13/15 20/25/20/25 / m
●Connect ion: 24 k gold plated connectors
●Conductor: 4 n oxygen-free copper
●Block: aluminum foil got 125% block + tin plated copper winding isolation
●Insulation: high density foam PE (imported from Japan)
●Be: imported high quality PVC outer sheath by + grey nylon net
●Packing: high-grade color box packaging
The product features
HDMI1.4 version, standard 19 core structure, support 3 d and 1080 p resolution
24 k high purity gold plated plug, thick gold plated layer protect connector plug is not easy to damage
High purity tin oxygen-free copper conductor, signal conduction is wonderful
Double layer aluminum foil shield plus ultra high tin copper braid coverage, excellent shielding effect
Import PVC outer protection by combined with grey nylon net, wear-resisting tensile products, the most suitable engineering wiring
In the ¡ ° DISPLAY ¡ + end increase signal amplifier chip, to ensure the transmission performance of the products
This product has a directional requirement, please connect the HDMI cable at one end of the right equipment